Bruce Jenner: An Illuminati Androgynous Puppet?…

Bruce Jenner Sex Change Illuminati

The Kardashian clan are used to being directly in the limelight; so when Papa bear Bruce Jenner hit the tabloids for his sex change operation allegations, my mind drew towards the place it always does… The Occult. Why is Bruce Jenner in the Illuminati? He’s not. However, if you want to learn more about the […]

AirAsia Flight QZ8501: The Black Hand of the Illuminati & other conspiracy theories

It appears that we’ve got another unfortunate event in the news with missing aircraft surrounding Malaysia. This time we’ve got an AirAsia Flight QZ8501 that was en route from Indonesia to Singapore, Malaysia. Let’s take a look at what possibilities exist for the loss of yet another Malaysian-related airline (unless you want to take the “official” word […]

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 conspiracy theories

malaysia flight

  As you’re well aware, there is a missing plane from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 that’s still MIA (as of this post). Of course, the world of conspiracy theories loves to speculate, so let’s see what’s out there… There’s primarily two sources you can check the pulse of this;’s forum, and GodLikeProductions’ forum. GLP […]

The Fappening & Celebgate conspiracy theories

Mila Kunis All Seeing Eye

  I regularly visit the Google Trends website to see what the internet is up to and to keep a pulse on this weird world of ours. As usual, the internet is being dirty and there is a thing called… ‘The Fappening.’ What’s “The Fappening?” The Fappening, aka “Celebgate” is an event that happened in […]

#AlexFromTarget is an Illuminati child-god worship ploy

Alex From Target original

  The viral sensation known as #AlexFromTarget has taken off for no apparent reason (hence the term ‘viral’). If someone could explain why this is a ‘thing’ I’ll shut up, but for now listen to my conspiracy theory.     BusinessInsider posted a conspiracy theory about this whole thing, and they make a valid point […]