Ancient Aliens ‘The Anunnaki’ S6E3 full episode

Episode 3 of season 6 fired off and this one is about the Anunnaki. From my Ancient Aliens season 6 full season post:

The Sumerians in ancient Mesopotamia achieved over one hundred “firsts” for human civilization. Advances in writing, agriculture, science, mathematics, medicine, astronomy, transportation, building, military, schools and city planning, all originated in Sumer. The Sumerians credit these achievements to The Anunnaki–giant, winged gods, who are only found in ancient cuneiform texts. Could these gods be more than legend? Is it possible that civilization made sudden, huge advances in development 5,000 years ago as a result of the Anunnaki’s presence on Earth? Could the human race have been jump-started or even genetically created by extraterrestrial beings in the remote past? Might the Sumerian texts describing the Anunnaki be proof of this controversial theory? And if so, could we someday reunite with these celestial visitors?

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Ancient Aliens Anunnaki

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  1. Hi there , is there any other place apart of History Channel that i can watch ancient alien? This video is not available in my country.. Thanks a lot in advance

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