Ancient Aliens Season 5 Update

UPDATE 4 (25DEC2012): The ENTIRE Ancient Aliens Season 5 Episode Guide with links to all of the videos is centrally located here:

UPDATE 3 (15DEC2012): Season 5 starts on December 21st apparently, here’s the sneak peek for it:

UPDATE 2 (30NOV2012): There was a season 5 commercial with a graffiti tagger spraying Giorgio and it says ‘The Wait is Over” (shout-out “AlienProject” for the comment drop on it). Are we to assume they’ll begin airing Season5 on Dec. 21? I don’t think so, they haven’t started filming yet, so instead they’ll probably just be airing the final Season 4 episodes? Or a marathon? We’ll see. I do know that Giorgio will be in New Orleans on that night for a ‘Cosmic Convergence’ party for Dec 21st because he is emphatic in pointing out that the world will NOT end that night. Peep the website for it for more details:

UPDATE 1 (21NOV2012): Giorgio and George Noory were on the FARCast and briefly mentioned that AA Season 5 was OFFICIALLY approved and they will begin filming in a couple of weeks. They intend to have about 15 episodes with similar format of a couple of revisits, but more new material.

Original Post:

Giorgio Tsoukalos was on Coast to Coast (the June 11th, 2012 episode). Here’s the summary of what was discussed:

In the first hour, publisher of Legendary Times magazine, Giorgio Tsoukalos, shared updates on his work, and announced that a new season (season 5) of Ancient Aliens had been picked up by the History 2 Channel. A consulting producer on the series, he noted that it’s now a flagship program on the new History 2 Channel, which is offered for free to cable providers who already carry the History Channel.

Just because humans don’t have interstellar travel, that doesn’t preclude other beings from having that ability, he argued, adding that years ago Wernher von Braun suggested a concept called a “generation starship” which would serve as an habitat in outer space, where astronauts would procreate, and maybe an 8th or 10th generation would arrive at a destination planet like ours.

Here’s the link to the show if you have a sub:

If you don’t have a sub, here’s a youtube video of it; you’ll have to fast-forward to the 10:50 mark to hear Giorgio’s part:

If interested in Ancient Aliens, check out my Ancient Astronaut Overview for a brief spinup:

You can buy the Season Four DVD/Blu-Rays on Amazon through my link:

Or learn what Avengers, Chitauri and David Icke have in common:


  1. Douggie says

    So far the series has been spot on, this will be used in schools in the future once they rewrite history with the truth, the annunaki will return and the only question is when?

    • bob says

      to say its all real is just as stupid as to say dinosaur bones were made by a jesus i like the show but thay try to hard if i find a phone number in my pocket and dont know who it is i dont think it must be an alien i go through other logical ideals first this show does not i do believe in aliens but i doubt every ancient religion ruler buildeing story …. is from aliens this show started out great now season fore was horable about anything strange is ET i have some strange slop in a bowl in the back of my fridge i dont know what it is but i can use enough logic to figure its probly not an alien this show would jump strait to ancint myan aliens time traveld to men in black mind erase me in to not rembering them puting it thee when logic would say its probly just ruind food

  2. Bruce says

    You have great Ancient Alien series and most of it made sense to me to figure out our history in the ancient past.
    Can’t wait to watch your season 5.

    • Justin says

      I agree Bruce. I began looking into this stuff years ago and it is the only thing that remotely comes close to an explanation as to our past. I think many people automatically reject the theory because of the word alien. For many people, when they hear the word alien all they think about is science fiction little green men or other wild creatures that can communicate. I dont believe this is the case. I think the aliens were humans. They simply had technology that in the eyes primitive man made them God’s and having that technology over primitive man would pretty much make them God’s. I think its pretty funny though when people say the ideas and the show are a joke and laughable this and that and we should read a bible blah blah blah ya ancient humans with technology is so far fetched and ridiculous of a notion I should read a book about people talking to burning bushes, slitting seas with magical powers, an impossible ark, a woman claiming to be a “virgin” having a baby while her husband was away working, rising from the dead, turning water to wine…ya all of those stories are unquestionable facts of our history with ….oh wait…there is not 1 shred, not a single piece of rock, not a single piece of dirt evidence that anything in the bible is true.

      • wayne says

        there is no doubt in my mind that there is life on other worlds. there exist to much proof as you well know here on earth that points to the fact we have been and i believe still are being saying that i also believe what the bible says having spent much moore time investigating its claims.i think before making statements such as you have in disclaming the velidity of the bible maby you should read the book of enoch and if you have any knowledge of the bible maby you will begin to understand just how closely related the two subjects are.the first book of enoch is the watchers and tells about aliens coming to earth and is too close to the sumarian story.also the book of noah and jasher are mind blowing reads. i hope this helps you see the bigger picture.also there is much evidence that has came to light in the last twenty years that arciology has uncovered proving the bible is a very acurate historical should do some research its very interesting.good luck

  3. Kristoffer says

    Should be interesting, I’ve seen all of the previous seasons and I’m thoroughly impressed with what they have shown regarding the possibility of aliens having visited earth in the remote past.

  4. says

    I am writing on behalf of my client Hip-Hop artist Sacred Age who is world renowned for his subject matter on Ancient Aliens, Space, Secret Societies, Hidden Human History, Etc.. and is also an Astrobiologist, earth/space scientist and practitioner in knowledge and understanding.

    He wishes to give his regards to the thread/website owner and let you all know of a recent collaboration with many of the people responsible for the series which is due early summer 2013 after the poles have completely flipped.

    And on a personal note to Matej, how could you call the season four a “Fail”? They thoroughly explained things that we would not know otherwise and if you are referring to episode 10 “aliens & dinosaurs” you are gravely in need of some real research considering even the spanish conquistadors noted several times that they encountered dinosaurs in mexico/argentina and many men were killed in the process because the dinosaurs were protecting the people native to the land.

    That is all. Sincerely, Joe Coudie

  5. Bill Sechrist says

    I am very impressed with the facts that have been brought out in the show. I surely do believe that other intelligent life must exist given the size of the known universe alone. I can’t wait for the next season! How could stone age man have cut and moved slabs of stone the size of railroad cars when we likely could not do it today with all of our knowledge and equipment.

  6. crystal says

    I think their ancient aliens theories are not far from the truth… We are sorrounded by a universe of posibilities and bigger things than our human race we just don’t want to see the evidences with open minds because we are selfish creatures. Excuse my spelling English is my second language

  7. Gary B says

    It’s a real show that thinks outside the “BOX”. The current state of archeology will not do this, if they do they will be persecuted. The ancients new more than we do. I do however think Gergio needs to tone it down a little on some of his conclusions.

  8. says

    The truth hurts and to most people it is hard to swallow. AA places serious questions to factual evidence. The biggest conspiracy is the conspiracy we live in because it is one big lie. Processed crap replaces fruit & veg, we use petrol instead of ethanol, we use a bastardized language “English”, we drew before we wrote, our thought process is taught in boxes when it should be taught in circles, people get paid too much & greed takes over. There are pyramids all around the planet made of stone with water playing a key role. People see UFO’s on a daily basis, every religion has some form of pinecone replicated through it, we hack to death rain forests and people who think are called conspiracy theorists. So using your brain has become a conspiracy. Yet if you play with the stock exchange and win money your a legend. Doesn’t make sense in my vocabulary.

  9. Robert Hilton says

    I thought every episode was great. There were some very good points & some not so good issues. Can’t wait for season 5 , hopefully there be more compelling facts.

  10. Cody Kinney says

    What we need to ask is how did we become human? what sparked this change? and Who is responsible? The earth has been around for many millions of years and the the universe has been around for over 14 billion years. The oldest living organism ever recorded was a jelly fish which is over 600 million years old. That’s before any human form took place on this earth they were the most complex during the early formation of the earth. So where did we come from and who put us here. I find it so funny that when i ask christains who believe in God if they believe magic is real. They tell me of course not magic is not real it’s made up as science fiction like harry potter. Well my friends that’s basically what “GOD” is a magical person or being. He says does whatever he wants and it appears or happens in the bible. Why is it he is portrayed as this type of being and why do we say magic doesn’t exist when they believe in a being that does exactly what they don’t believe. Well he is on another level which we can’t comprhend yeah yeah ok buddy that’s a worse answer than the previous one. The fact is there is no being or entity with these capabillities. There is noone watching you 24/7 seeing if you’re abiding by his laws. Making sure that we listen or we’re going to a fiery pit for all eternity. For that fact i wouldn’t want to follow this GOD I would rather burn in the pit of hell. I would chose this because it is so unclear on what’s true or what isn’t. Why are there so many variations of religion, why do we have to guess on what religion to follow? If God does exist shouldn’t it be known instead of making it a guessing game? The fact that these things don’t add up is because god wasn’t this entity that knew all things that possessed magical powers but a being that had supperior knowledge. These beings had flying ships tools that we could only dream about. This is what’s in the bible this is what it points to. the authors in the bibke didn’t know how else to describe these miracles they were seeing. I mean how could they, they never seen a airplane to call it what it was a spaceship they didn’t have the terminolgy back then to call it what it was. So they had to call it by a cloud, chariot of fire, a wheel intersecting a wheel. Because this was the closest thing resembling what they saw. The things in the bible in Ezekiel for reference is the best and earliest record of flying machines and don’t let the people of church fool you. They interperet to make sense on WHAT THEY WANT IT TO MEAN so it’s already being given a biased view. Don’t fall for it read it yourself and think for yourself make up your own understanding don’t let someones biased thinking affect yours.

  11. says

    Whether you agree the views expressed or not, it is a television show made for entertainment purposes. It might not have Super Bowl ratings but it has more seasons than the original Star Trek. Von Däniken put his ideas out there over 30 years ago and with actual research he has pointed out things throughout history that can’t be explained by todays scientific community.

  12. mike s says

    As a huge fan of this series that i am ive been considering some ideas about the upcoming end of the mayan calende…..what if it is not a calendar but a countdown given to them so they would know when they are returning…….at least an alien species we have had previous contact with

  13. juan maldonado says

    I love this ancient alien a dont believe but know that most of it is true because I have experienced close encounter and have seen things that the bible can not answer I used to be so religious and beleived everything in the bible but it doesnt take to much to prove that it is completely wrong and contradictory. god is the power that moves everything but yes there are infinite beings here and in diferent vibrations which for our mind may be fantasy but everthing imagined do exist on a diferent vibration-time and space-but sometimes cross from one point to another and thats when we get confused and do no understand

  14. AlienProject says

    SEASON 5 commercial just aired 11-29-12 with a tagger spray painting Georgio from Ancient Aliens and 12-12-12 and next to it says THE WAIT IS OVER. Aired on History Channel. SO its official.

  15. AlienProject says

    Thanks for the shout out. The commercial that I saw was the one you have in the picture above. Except it said 12-12-12 not 12-21-12. I am sure everyone knows about Dec 21. I do not count out Doomsday, as the saying says- “anything can happen.” So that is strange, Maybe my mind was playing tricks. It could have been a different commercial. I have a video tape somewhere with a hovering disk, recorded in Mexico in 1993. I believe they are allready here. Lasers, barcodes, cell phone tracking, reptilians, holograms, dimensions, solar flares.. and the list goes on. It is so funny in the movie Soylent Green when there are so many people on earth that they pick them up with bulldozers and dump them in dump trucks. LOL Then there is the movie Enemy Mine with a reptilian from the planet Draco. , can also be Planet X. The information is out there. Egypt 3 pyramids, Mars 3 pyramids, Serius, and the Dark side of the Moon. Face on Mars. Hollow Earth. Hollow Moon. Area 51. Jordan Maxwell, David Ike, Mark Dice, and InfoWars. Fiber Optics, BluTooth. BBC, the tv show The Prisoner. I am not a number.

  16. Sir.Quala says


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