Ancient Aliens ‘Magic of the Gods’ S6E4 full episode

Episode four of season six aired on Monday, here’s the info for this week (you can catch the rest of Season 6 on a separate post):

Magic of the Gods

Premiere Date: October 21, 2013

Wondrous wizards… Mysterious sorcerers… And heavenly beings… possessed of unimaginable power. Throughout the ancient world, magic was used for everything from healing to communicating with the gods. But did magic really exist in the ancient times? Not as a form of theater–but as a means of replicating the power of the gods? Do ancient accounts of magic suggest evidence of advanced, otherworldly knowledge? A knowledge given to early humans as a means of helping them unlock their own–some might say “divine”–potential?

ancient aliens god magic

You can watch the episode here at There’s also web exclusives on there if you’re that hardcore into AA theory.

Sorry for not embedding youtube links, every time I think I find a copy it’s either fraudulent or missing. I’ll keep looking (and checking Plus there are torrentz everywhere if you want your PC riddled with viruses.



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