Ancient Aliens Debunked film review

Just finished watching the entire 3-hour presentation on youtube of Ancient Aliens Debunked. Overall, it was well composed, clearly thought out, and reasonably logical. It will definitely change your opinion of the Ancient Aliens show after watching it, but please read this review before making a hasty damnation of the show. I’ll try to point out some of the things that brought up more questions or were off target, (in my amateur opinion). Let it be known that I am merely an independent researcher with NO knowledge of archaeology, minimal knowledge of ancient history, and I’m armed with only the internet and way too many hours of watching television and listening to radio talk shows to research some of these ideas. I’ve got engineering credentials elsewhere, but they’re mostly irrelevant to this topic.

The film gets off to a great start by covering Pumapunku, one of the more mysterious sites on the Ancient Aliens show. Reference number 34 at 16:25, claims that the stones are in disarray because locals looted for various buildings. Some questions that are raised are: Where are these buildings the looters constructed with the stones? Shouldn’t they be all around the local area still? I mean, since these scholars require so much evidence, surely they’ve found evidence for this?…

Also, some theorists (e.g. Giorgio Tsoukalos) make the statement that the scholars and experts label the ancient cultures as simple and unintelligent, and this gets reinforced when the film makes the claim that the Incans gave the historical tale of the gods building Pumapunku because they wouldn’t acknowledge an older civilization actually existing since the Incans were the first. Giorgio has said in many interviews that the scholars stop their investigation of ancient cultures at the point in which they worship deities. They don’t actually research why or how the cultures came to the conclusion of their gods, and this is somewhat repeated in this claim of the film.

Next, we go to the Egyptian Giza Pyramids section, which is sure to falsify all of the Ancient Aliens theories, but we’re still waiting to hear conclusively why the pyramids were built, and how, so to me this doesn’t lay the Giza pyramids to rest.

In the Incan Sites section, the film asserts that Mike Dunn’s theory of a patterned mold is impossible because none of the stones look alike, but the film shows a frame of several rocks that do in fact look alike, ironically at the same time that Dunn is describing it, at 1:00:10.

Pacal’s rocket sarcophagus is believed to be Pacal’s descent into the underworld by Mayan ‘experts.’ Ancient Aliens actually reveals this fact on their show. On the documentary, they claim the rocket is the World Tree with the branches in the heavens and roots in the underworld, with the celestial bird just above the branches (heavens), and the ‘rocket smoke’ is actually the roots (underworld). Why is Pacal riding the rocket into the underworld, when he is heading into the direction of the heavens, based on how the film describes this? See 1:08:00.

When it comes to the Nazca Lines, the film demonstrates how easy it is to remove the stones to create the lines and images seen from the sky. The ancient Nazca culture believed in nature gods that were animals and even decapitated people for these gods (as the show discusses). So again, as Tsoukalos emphasizes in most of his interviews, what purpose did they serve? The film seems to imply they used them for religious purpose, which circular reasoning brings us right back to worshiping gods! It doesn’t seem to clear anything up on this argument, besides debunking the idea of the cut off mountain tops (plateaus), which was quite humorous and did make a lot of sense. I would like to see a reply on that one though, because some of the images of these ‘plateaus’ do really look a bit odd, but I’m not an expert in that field so what do I know. They might be legitimate plateaus, which makes more sense than this ancient culture chopping off the tops of the mountains.

In the UFOs in ancient art section, the Sputnik-Earth painting doesn’t explain why there are antenna on the globe of the Earth, only that the Earth wasn’t believed to be flat in the Middle Ages.

In the portion of the film that discusses the Vimana and the nuclear explosions, it debunks the term “ten thousand suns” stating that it merely refers to an appearance of Vishnu and that many passages use that line to describe the deity. But why is that? Why would they use that term? Have we ever seen anything in our lives that appeared as bright as “ten thousand suns?” An explosion perhaps. Again, the Ancient Aliens theorists are merely presenting a theory that explains the motivation behind these ancient cultures and there descriptive language.

The video debunks the “UFO” spoken of in Ezekial by saying that he was well versed in writing and using descriptive terms, and there’s no way that he couldn’t describe a UFO. So it’s acceptable for the video to believe that Ezekiel saw these multi-faced cherubims and other supernatural phenomenon? There are several examples of the throne with the odd creatures and cherubims elsewhere in the Bible, but perhaps this is more evidence of the interpretation of the people when they were witnessing these other worldly, other-dimensional structures.

The Anunnaki definition from Giorgio Tsoukalos is debunked and described as the “princely seed” or the offspring of “An,” the god of the heavens. Giorgio says it’s “those who from heaven came,” and he got it from Zecharia Sitchin, who has been himself debunked somewhat, as we can see on Dr. Michael Heiser’s website. I’ve even heard some of those on Ancient Aliens explain that Sitchin isn’t 100% accurate in his books (Jason Martell on Coast to Coast AM and Giorgio Tsoukalos on Joe Rogan’s podcast), so I don’t think all of these Ancient Aliens theorists actually 100% fully subscribe word for word the Sitchin theories. Obviously he is huge inspiration for all of these ideas, but it seems to me that they explore ideas and use the Ancient Astronaut Theory as a springboard for them.

The debunk film discusses how the ancients all had flood myths and similar ‘immaculate conception’ tales and how there is a supernatural link between them and modern Christianity, which I liked. But then the film lays claim to the Christian religion as the most correct of the religious stories, which I’m still not convinced of. I believe in Christianity, but to discount all of the ancient stories seems a bit presumptuous. But again, I’m not a Theologian, so I’ll have to research this some more.

The fact that I only thought of this much questionable material, is quite telling of how enlightening this film is to an amateur like myself. The film is three hours of discussion and I only have a handful of questions, so that is pretty good. The Ancient Aliens show is entertainment and put together by an entertainment channel, not historical scholars. Is it slightly unethical? Sure. But I’m not apt to drop my job, personal life, and everything to worry about the Anunnaki coming back from Planet X just because the channel that airs a show about it says so. Not to mention this is the same channel that airs ‘Cajun Pawn Stars’ and ‘Ice Road Truckers’ more than they do actual historical shows.

The show has a lot of damning evidence and even some humor. For example, the part where the narrator talks about the Sanskrit texts from “6,000 BC” when in reality it is only 1,000 BC and the narrator says that they just arbitrarily added 5,000 years was quite humorous. I mean, the documentary is correct in pointing out the eccentricity of the theorists, they are a bit out there. But we need some evolutionary thinking to push our paradigm of beliefs out of our comfort zone, so I still find these theorists worth listening to. I also enjoy Dr. Michael Heiser’s commentary, I’ve listened to him on Coast to Coast AM and he presents good logical arguments. The narrator also does an eloquent job of defending his explanations with the references and such.

To play along with the film, let’s say that the entire Debunked film is correct, and the show Ancient Aliens is a fraud. Then why did these ancient cultures devote so much time and energy into these symbols of flying serpents? Where would they even get that idea? Why would the earliest form of writing (Sumerian cuneiform) be an exciting myth about star travelers? Are we to believe that the ancient cultures would rather write a make believe tale for their first writings instead of actual history? The debunking of Ancient Aliens begs all of these questions. What do the scholars actually believe? Do they simply think these ancient cultures believed in fairy tales and had over creative imaginations?

The popularity of the show Ancient Aliens partially comes from the respect of entertaining the idea of alien intervention and visitation. There is a growing population that is awakening to the duping of our culture. Some of us feel that the general attitude from ‘scholars,’ Egyptologists and ‘experts’ is that aliens are absurd, which stems from the socially engineered response that is indoctrinated into everybody from the Illuminati types with a secret agenda.  If you don’t believe that, then go ahead and bring up the idea of aliens to your coworkers and see how long it takes to get a smile, laugh, or labeling that you’re insane. Then to take the concept of a programmed society a bit further, go ahead and ask those same coworkers if they believe in Jesus Christ. Statistically, some of them will say yes, which is ironic since Jesus was an extraterrestrial who was immaculately conceived and brought back from the dead before an ascension into another dimension.  So how “absurd” is it really for aliens to have visited our planet in the past?

To shed light on why Ancient Aliens is a valuable show to keep, let’s take a look at the theory of evolution. Evolution is a theory, which indicates it’s not the 100% sure thing for an explanation of the human species. It ties facts together nicely, and has never been proven wrong. It doesn’t answer every question though. For example, if evolution is true, and there is a ‘survival of the fittest’ then why didn’t the Neanderthals out survive the Homo sapien-sapiens? The Neanderthals had larger brain capacity and were much stronger than the Homo sapien-sapiens. They should’ve destroyed us in every way. There are no known explanations for how this all went down and what the Neanderthals were, and if they are related to the modern day humans. And to zoom out a bit further, even if you could prove evolution exists, who is the Grand Creator of all of this? Ancient Aliens merely seeks to push some radical ideas. This is necessary in every way of scientific advancement. If you study the Adaptive-Innovation theory, you’ll see that science will have paradigms that get refined and evolve over time, only to be blown up and completely redefined through a revolutionary idea, which itself will get refined and evolved. Ancient Aliens seeks to be that revolutionary idea by seeding ‘outside of the box’ ideas into peoples’ minds. Also, is it a coincidence that Giorgio Tsoukalos hair is similar hair to another revolutionary fella? Einstein shattered the physical sciences with his Theory of Relativity, which sounded insane at the time to the Newtonian physics subscribers. I’m not saying that Tsoukalos is equivalent to Einstein, but his contributions could eventually be appreciated as much someday if proven correct.

I’m not going to defend everything the Ancient Aliens theorists say, but I feel that they are being perpetually labeled as liars, when in fact they are just proposing theories, even if some of them aren’t the most sound. I could see why the narrator and film maker, Chris White made the film. The show is quite persuasive and if you don’t do some fact checking you might be led to believe some fairly tall tales. My view of the show is that it proposes some ideas that should be investigated further and it is seeking to find that spark that evolutionarily changes our view of our past. Look, I get the Ancient Aliens show; it basically says that something happened in our past that is more significant than what the modern day scholars and archeologists give them credit for. For conspiracy theorists this isn’t a far stretch, because they already don’t buy into the formal education system, and label it as an ‘indoctrination’ that is set up by corporate interests to keep the people ignorant and blind to the actual truth. The history books are written by the victors, or in our modern day case, the rich and powerful. The ‘Debunked’ film seems to give the viewer the idea that scholars have got all of history’s mysteries figured out and there’s nothing supernatural or unexplained available. Surely there is a secret knowledge of our past that the layman isn’t privileged enough to learn about.

For an example, there must be a secret message behind all of Washington D.C.’s Greek, Roman and Egyptian structures and symbolism. The freemasons also have an admiration for these structures, as seen on their temples. Could it be simply because our founding fathers admired those cultures? Or is there something more to it that aren’t meant to understand. I feel that the elitist-Illuminati types have an understanding of the subliminal conscious mind, symbols, and unseen dimensions. There are spirits that exist at other frequency wavelengths that we can’t access with our five sense physical limitations, but perhaps the Illuminati understand how to. The point is, there seems to be something to this world that I can’t exactly put my finger on, but I do feel that I am being manipulated by an unseen force. This unseen force re-emphasizes material, five sense, thinking and breaks down empathy for one another (see David Icke)  for whatever reason. If you don’t believe that you’re being manipulated, pay attention to politics and the way of the world until you get what I’m saying. Everything is a bullshit illusion of prioritizing our lives into material objects and worrying about what others think of us. We are being duped into joining a political gang and campaigning for their beliefs which ultimately only serve the politician who is getting paid off by whichever industry can profit from their decisions. When we all go into this afterlife of collective consciousness and are unlimited in our abilities, we won’t want or need any of the material things, so why do we live our lives for these unrighteous reasons? It’s because there’s a manipulation out there, which some call evil or the Devil.

So perhaps there weren’t aliens visitations in the past. Ancient Aliens actually emphasizes the “theory” aspect of the “Ancient Astronaut Theory.” Watch the series again after viewing this debunking documentary. You’ll see that both the narrator and the theorists use terms like, “possible,” “theory,” and “potential,” but never “law.” It’s merely a theory that explains what happened in the ancient past and the message these cultures were trying to convey. It’s a bit beside the point to ‘debunk’ and say that the alien visitations were impossible. There’s plenty of unknown supernatural things in our world, and if we want to debunk all of them and pretend we’ve got it all figured out, then we truly are losing hope in an afterlife and a grand creator. Ancient Aliens is a bit misleading, I’ll agree to that. But like everything else, you’ve got to vet the information. If Ancient Aliens gets the audience to learn a few things about the past and open up our minds to potential to know that there’s something beyond our five-state physical awareness.

Check out the Ancient Aliens Debunked and Dr. Michael Heiser’s websites for more information:





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  1. Wasted 3 hours watching this bogus film! As for Michael Heiser who will soon find his picture on toilet paper rolls, this guy is really an idiot or a government stooge!
    So he went to college and got a degree, however, he was de-educated! Debunking Sitchin, really, what makes him right? He is a stooge and and an idiot to boot!

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  2. As the Pumapunku stones were already cut (almost at right angles)and unguarded, this place became like a ‘no charge’ builder’s merchants.

    You can understand the Great Pyramid if you consider that there were dozens if not hundreds of ‘attempts’ at pyramids before it. Many collapsed. Eventually the technology got to the point that they succeeded. They were built to protect the riches buried with the Pharaohs.

    ‘Bright as ten thousand suns’ was a term, like some say ‘Light of the world’.

    I wouldn’t say all AA ‘theorists’ are liars, some are gullible for believing a hotel manager’s analysis of ancient artifacts.

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    • RouX – you are right up to a point, but to correct you, there are so far discovered in Egypt 122 pyramids.
      All the way down the Nile. From the first one – Sakara?: to the bent one (the Pharaoh) died and it was finished quickly, to the black one – made of local sand and soil which was burned black – it’s an awesome sight, a semi collapsed ruin.
      There were few riches (few is relative) buried with pyramid era Pharaohs, or at least none have been discovered. The pyramids were pathways or gateways to heaven for the chosen pharaoh, in the Cairo museum you will see that they were buried with models of the workers (sometime slaves) who would serve them in their afterlive: bakers, brewers (and although the muslem rulers in Cairo won’t exhibit them: harems).
      It was in the era of the Valley of the Kings that riches were buried with Pharaohs, e.g. Tutankhamen, and by that time that age of pyramids had passed.

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  3. It basically comes down to this. (having watched at least five episodes of the AA series, and watching the debunk film)….am I easily to believe the theories and possibilities? Well, perhaps “not entirely”. But why then, were there many theories and phenomena or possibilities “from past eras” that were later proven right (likewise there are some yet to be proven though). Theories such as gravity, the earth revolving around a sun (star), or that the earth was actually round instead of flat? Yes there are many phenomona that have yet to be proven, but there has been a lot that was already proven, if not even yielded a deeper understanding of them.

    We as humans, given our intelligence, upbringing, religious or non-religious orientation, envrionment, and choice of free will or thought; can choose to think or believe what we want to… but we also need to look at hard facts and evidence that has been presented already.

    On the other hand, I also believe that what is a lack of evidence does not entirely dismiss any “possibilities”. Ultimately, at one point or another, we need to face the truth, whatever that might be, or hold out to be. There are many things in the universe and world around us that we don’t know about, and many things that are yet to be discovered, proven, disproven or determined. But only when those events actually occur “concretely”, only will we then confront the truth, and learn to either accept our ignornace, or confirm our “guesses” and “hypothesis”. Either way way, the truth is the truth, whatever that is. So although it’s a good idea to remain skeptical, I also say it’s not a good idea to immediately brush those theories off our shoulders.

    In the mean time, if one really wants to get to the knitty gritty of all thes theories and possibilities; we need further and deep understanding of concerete details, context, as well as further study and investigation. And I hope for the sake of mankind and his intelligence and experience, we will be able to advance these studies and investigations further until we come to the truth, or at least near the truth, rather than digressing into utter foolishness and pure cynicism. Perhaps we’ll always be searching for the truth, but our search hasn’t stopped yet. We’ve just begun; we’ve been beginning.

    We just only have current available knowledge, technology, and sciences, and details that we can work with in the moment. I’m not so fast to entirely dismiss nor accept those theories and possibilities. I work with logic and reason based on what we find, learn, and understand, as well as maintaining an intricate balance with thoughts of the “unknown”.

    But then again, those are just my convictions, everyone is entitled to their own view and understanding.

    What will be yours? Will you be ready for the truth (whatever that may be)?

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    • Well said. I for one do not believe in every conspiracy or myth, but to assume that ALL myths and conspiracies are false is just plain arrogant and ignorant. If even 10% of Ancient Aliens is true, that is freaking scary and makes me want to explore and learn more about our world. Only close minded people that have agendas try and stop intelligent thought…

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  4. Anyone who wishes to can easily find Sumerian language lexicon tools and information on the net. A basic analysis of Stichin’s translations will show you that his choices of meanings are variable as the Sumerians used words in compound to denote a larger meaning or in short; concept. While “Annunaki” (if that is in fact the letters used and not phonetically just Anu A Gi) could be interpreted to be “beings” or could just as easily be the Earth and Heavens meaning in a broader sense “our plain of existence” or “heavenly earth” denoting earth as one of the many objects found in space that were studied by the Sumerians. Who, by the way, never called themselves and nor did anyone else call them; Sumerians. The Greeks called them Pelasgoi.

    As far as strange stones in Bolivia with odd square cuts go, you can find exactly the same building techniques in Peru, Egypt and China and it is not hard to figure out why. Yes, I am saying they are not star gates. You shape the stone to receive fitted wood beams to build buildings from them, like they do in China with ancient temples which appear to be hanging from or built into the rock face of mountains. Please remember that just because the buildings or wood parts are not there anymore does not mean enterprising Spaniards and Portuguese did not disassemble then to use as pre-fabricated fittings for ship repairs. Why cut down a tree, hew, saw, shape it when you can just take apart these old buildings of your now indigenous slaves?

    Ask yourself; At Machu Picchu, why do what are obviously homes with a-frame slanted stone arches, not have roofs? Pretty hard to use the site as a quarry for fabricated stone (as it is in the mountains) but the wood, not so bad to take that down and with you. The grandest mystery AA claims is (why?) how come there is no information telling us? Answer: The Europeans annihilated these people, stole their possessions and erased their culture burning everything written down and most likely smashing or reshaping and using every stone with writing on it. Just look as how the Mayan glyphs were translated and the history to see how these conquerors treated the indigenous.

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    • Oh, and one more thing. Minoan Linear B script was found on artifacts at Tiwanaku, Egyptian-style reed boats at Lake Titicaca, Canaanite script on a stone above Rio in Brazil, Roman statuettes buried in Mexico, a sunken Roman ship off the north coast of South America, Egyptian hieroglyphics in Western Australia, Viking mooring stones in the Great Lakes along with cross (ship mast) symbols drawn on stones by natives, ancient Japanese pottery in New Mexico,Bolivia and Peru, Roman coins in the U.S. state of Georgia and on and on.

      What is more likely? Ancient Aliens made all these unknown structures for “space ports?” Or mankind has long known about the other continents and traveled to them in ancient times?

      If you found a near-endless source of gold, silver, iron ore, tin, copper, granite stone, giant oak and redwood trees, tar, oil, corn, sugar, fruit, animals and none of it controlled by anyone who could oppose you would you really go around telling everyone about it? Writing long epitaphs about how to get there and what you found? Seriously.

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  5. “Next, we go to the Egyptian Giza Pyramids section, which is sure to falsify all of the Ancient Aliens theories, but we’re still waiting to hear conclusively why the pyramids were built, and how, so to me this doesn’t lay the Giza pyramids to rest.”

    You don’t seem to get the idea of parsimony or the burden of proof. Skeptics of your theory don’t need to prove that you’re wrong. You need to prove that you’re right. There is not a SINGLE piece of evidence that Giza WAS built by aliens, so you can’t make that claim. In fact, there’s not a single unambiguous piece of evidence for aliens ANYWHERE. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Find it.

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    • You maybe correct Arek, but your “text book” explanations of Darwin “theories” and how the hell some cultures moved heavy stones is ludicrous. You sir and other intellectuals that act arrogant are the true flat earthers 😉

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  6. Although I do not ascribe to some of the views presented on “Ancient Aliens” I do sincerely believe that there is a lot about our past that remains unknown, and wrongly interpreted by mainstream archaeology. For example, there remains no answer for why or how ancient cultures could carve intricate designs into solid granite, or shape stones with perfect right angles and level sides, all with the use of copper tools and no access to diamonds. One argument that I find quite logical as presented by David Hatcher Childress is his answer to the question of why the ancients insisted upon creating megalithic structures with such incredibly large and heavy stones rather than small blocks, and the answer is that it obviously wasn’t very hard for them; and no, manpower has nothing to do with it. An increasing number of rogue scholars, such as Dr. Bob Schoch, Dr. David Rohl, and others believe there is a great wealth of evidence showing errors in interpretation by mainstream archaeology and geology. I also find the similarities in practice, belief, architecture between disconnected ancient cultures to be uncanny and impossible to have developed independently of each other. Why are huge pyramids seen across the world? Why do the ancient cultures of Meso-America and Egypt parallel each other so closely? (mummification, pyramids aligned to stars and seasons, glyph writing, Osirian mythology, stone work, the use of tiny statues in the tombs of the leaders, and more). I don’t think we need to turn to the idea of aliens, but rather that humanity were once much smarter and have “fallen” from a higher state to a lower state over time, a concept outlined in the Hebrew Bible.

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    • Who are you going to believe? Some guy with a comic book attitude and no better than a high school education, who joys in making wild claims for their shock value, or someone who took the time, made the effort, and spent the money to educate him or herself to be able to pen a well-informed theory? AA ‘scholars’ are no scholars at all. None of those guys has a valid degree in anything that relates to their areas of expertise. To suggest they deserve to have their crackbrained theories set forth as viable alternatives to those created as a result of dedicated scholarship is both ludicrous and an insult to scholars everywhere.
      What illuminates the idiocy in ‘Ancient Aliens’ best for me is when Giorgio T exclaims the reason the log explanation for moving the Pumapunku stones gets thrown out the window is because the site is above the treeline. No one would ever have thought to walk a little way down the mountain to fetch wood! What did the people burn to warm their homes with, or did the aliens provide them with gas or electric space heaters?
      The ancient aliens theory might get some real traction if those lazy shits were to do some genuine research and not rely on the same old tired lies and fabrications to back themselves up with. Or they could try taking some courses on ancient cultures.

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  7. You are a very avid sustainer of the hoaxers at Ancient Aliens. I did not have the patience to listen to all you wrote but I can answer some questions:
    1. the brick like stone image was made in photoshop to show how the stones should have been looking if they were cast of the same mold.
    2. Both Giza and the Valey of the Kings were used as burial places. Now you may not know that but there are two other smaller pyramids besides that of Keops. To answer why, there are a number of reasons: 1 the pyramid structure was used as a defensive model being the most easy to defend. 2. The pyramid used to have a smaller gold pyramid on top and the rocks covered with white limestone. When seen from the distance in mid day it would look like a giant fire. (pyros means fire). It was build as a proof of the pharaoh’s greatness.
    3. Sitchin was more than inexact he was 100% spouting things from his arse. He had no recorded credentials in linguistics or anything that can prove he could read the tablets.
    4. About Ezekiel and the UFO’s in art those are the most obvious parts to anyone familiar with the Bible and church paintings. If you claim those are not the most obvious fakes then you are wrong. Also those are not antennas. They are similar to the ropes used by builders that need mobile scaffolds. Is a way to show that both the Father and the Son participated at the world’s creation.
    5. About puma punku pillaging if you doubt they used the stones go there and look it up. There are also plenty of them being dragged for a while and then abandoned as they weighted too much.

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