Alex Jones vs. Memphis Pyramid

Alex Jones always seems to find a way to be in the news, this time he made a video about the pyramid arena in Memphis that is being transformed into a Bass Pro Shop. The pyramid known to Memphis locals as the “Tomb of Doom” has believed to been cursed since its opening in 1991 (it did in fact close its doors in 2004). It was conceived by entrepreneur John Tigrett, who Jones asserts is an occult member and potential Illuminati member. Tigrett did in fact write a book called “Fair and Square” which sounds fitting for a masonic book since they use a square for their symbol.

In 1991, rumors of a box being welded to the apex of the pyramid floated around until someone investigated and sure enough, a welded box with a crystal skull was found. Isaac Tigrett, son of John, said he put it there as a publicity stunt to be employed later on. Never mind that Isaac followed the teachings of Sathya Sri Baba; a famous Indian mystical guru. Sri Baba would later be investigated for money laundering and child sexual abuse, all par for the course in this Illuminati ring. But don’t worry, the news media was sure to disregard all of that while they proceeded to blast Jones as a slanderer.

You’ve got to love the media, they just gloss right past the fact that Jones brings up regarding a crystal being found at the top of this pyramid building years ago. “No big deal, nothing to see here!” This sh*t is insanity, I love how people think I’m the crazy one when the news media acts like it’s not worth looking into. Unbelievable. Here’s an article about the crystal skull:

Here’s the original Alex Jones video:

Here’s the news video:



  1. Charles Teague says

    Have many photos of esoteric structures , statues , and paintings here in Memphis, Will e mail them to you. Charles Teague

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