Alex Jones’ abortion conspiracy theory

Alex Jones was on Howard Stern and was talking about the forced abortions and conspiracy theory around it. He was talking about the Eugenics plan of the Illuminati elite to reduce world population in a totalitarian tip-toe fashion. It sounds a bit out there, but there are some alarming statistics surrounding abortions and locations of abortion clinics. The Eugenics conspiracy is supported by the Georgia Guidestones monument that say the world population needs to be reduced in order for it to sustain itself.

Here is a documentary called ‘3801 Lancaster’ about an abortion clinic in Philadelphia that had atrocious crimes occurring within it. The people who went there claimed that the abortion clinic was forceful in their insistence of aborting babies, to the extent that they told them it was a good choice of contraceptives.

Here’s the video, it’s disturbing at parts:


  1. joel says

    Satnic, it may take time but surely the Almighty wil not alow it to go unpunished. They may be invicibe in this era but the prayers of the saints are wearing down the demonic orah.God will act.As long as they live in God’s time,space and mercy. THey should consider, Him alone is God

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