2013 Superbowl Illuminati conspiracy theories

Seems that the threats of a false flag event are starting to trend online. Henry Makow posted some numerology links, Beyonce’s performance (which is sure to be filled with Illuminati symbolism, like Madonna’s last year), and an odd coincidence of the Wizard of Oz and Sandy Hook.

A MASSIVE occult ritual is being played out right in front of the public. The sister of Jim and John Harbaugh was quoted stating in a Sports Illustrated interview that she played a part as a child in the Wizard of Oz.

Possibly this connects the 47th Super Bowl to Sandy Hook.

How? Money is being raised by charity for the Sandy Hook area and is
being generated by the children of Sandy Hook singing “Some Where Over
The Rainbow” from the Wizard Of Oz.

Read more on Makow’s post here: http://www.henrymakow.com/illuminati-signaling-superbowl.html

Beyonce will be performing a new song called ‘Nuclear’, I’m not sure what it’s about though, since it’s a Destiny’s Child song?…

Here’s a video with some Batman: Dark Knight and the stadium links, he seems to think it’s gonna blow up:

Another video that is kinda goofy too. I’m not so sure about all of this stuff but it’s entertaining. The ONE THING that I find interesting and a bit scary is that Beyonce just sang the National Anthem at a press conference, with NO music, similar to that kid on Batman before the stadium blew up. That one started making me think:

UPDATE: Beyonce’s performance wasn’t quite as over the top with symbolism as Madonna‘s but there was still a couple of Roc diamonds and what not, but barely anything worth mentioning.


And I’ve got to say that the power outage had to have riled up some conspiracy theorists for a few minutes. It had me wondering if that Batman stuff was going to happen for real.

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