2 Chainz Subliminal Messages in New “Murder” Video

Here’s the new 2 Chainz video (ft. Kreayshawn) with subliminal symbolism buried in quick flashing messages. Guess it’s not so subliminal to title the song “Murder” but anyhow, here goes. I’m thinking they planted this stuff to either make it truly subliminal or maybe they’re riding this Illuminati wave to hype up the artist. Chainz did shoot to stardom awfully fast since he bounced from the Playaz Circle (what happened to the rest of them cats??…hmm…).

Anyhow, I’m just gonna post the images from the frame by frames. You probably already know the drill if you read up on my website or others about the pyramid, all seeing eye, blablabla. Some of these images stay up on the screen fairly long, others flash by pretty quick. Video is at end of post after the images.

Is this a Baphomet skull?..


We got that checkered mason floor as well; representing duality in occult symbolism:



Here’s another eye in a pyramid:

Kreayshawn sitting in a room full o’ messages:

Note the upside down pyramid on the shirt; inversion is a key piece of symbolism in Satanism. Invert allows for perversion of symbols:

Watch the video and see what you think:


  1. me says

    What the hell is this!!!!??? I just find out for this site. I agree with all thins, and I am just wondering how this s**t can anybody watch or listen.

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